Water transport

We have a dedicated barge terminal for steel transport

Ship full of containers at sea

Water transport Steelport Venlo

We are able to handle steel logistics by using our barge terminal

By adding a water connection to our establisched connections over the road and rail, we officiale could represent ourself as a trimodal transport company. You can find some further elaborations about the terminal below:

No traffic jams on the water

Fast and on time

container ship on blue sea water
cabooter terminal blue
terminal indoor lifting steal

Barge terminal Venlo - Blerick

Since May 2016 we expanded our current activities by acquiring the barge terminal located in Venlo-Blerick

By exploiting this servicecentre we can offer our customers trimodal transport benefits, which means which means that we can transship goods over rail, road and water. This location will especially be focused on handling and storages activities related to the steel industry.

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