Cabooter Group at Maastricht Aachen Airport

Danny Pothoff is our director of Cabooter People Academy.

15 Aug 2019

Peter Pardoel

office desk Danny Potthoff

Cabooter People Academy is a company that is focussing on training and education.

Since february 20 Cabooter People Academy is located at Maastricht Aachen Airport where our host is General Aviation Maastricht led by Bill Kuiper. GAM is our strategic partner for our activities on the airport.

Several members of the Group will join Danny. Our goal is to expand in Maastricht and extend our cooperation with Bill Kuiper and GAM. Our focus with is airport logistics. This is complementary to our current business.

The Cabooter Group Venlo congratulates Danny Pothof with his new location and we thank our partner Bill Kuiper for all his support.

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