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The launch of Sino-Europe Logistics Park

在商务部投资促进事务局局长刘殿勋、中国驻荷兰王国大使馆经济商务参赞张国胜、卡布特集团总监 Peter Pardoel ,以中国南方航空、KLG Europe 为代表的几十名中荷企业代表见证下;中国国际投资促进中心欧洲首席代表许丹松与荷方合作伙伴林堡省投资发展局总裁Bert de Wit与卡布特集团总裁Hans Cabooter共同签署了项目合作意向书。

signing ceremony

Sino-Europe Logistics Park (Limburg)


China Limburg proposition

The innovation of logistics park



The Sino Europe logistics park region Venlo

What we offer:

Why is it interesting to have a Rail connection with Venlo?

• Handles trains directly to and from China.
• International seaports: of Rotterdam, Antwerp.
• European seaports: Zeebrugge, Moerdijk and Amsterdam.
• Airports Schiphol Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Maastricht Aachen.
• Railconnections to all railports and railhubs troughout Europe.
• One-hour drive to Brussels, Liège and Cologne.
• Direct proximilty to 170 milion consumers within 500 km.
• Multimodal connectivity to the European market.
• Adjacent to second biggest freshpark of Holland.
• Regional generation of annually 600.000 TEU.
• The availability of logistic warehouses, offices and (large) plots.
• An excellent location for European E-commerce.

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